Freshwater Studio

Recently I have moved into a new studio/Gallery in Brookvale with the intention of having  a working space and also being able to hold shows in a well fitted out area. ”Freshwater studio” is now open by appointment. There is a large range of work to be viewed plus exhibitions running.

The Work

In the past I have worked on a variety of subject matter ranging from figurative to landscape. However over the last 8 years I have been moving more and more to the landscape. Exhibitions and art prizes have played a part in dictating this direction however it is impossible to deny the importance and influence our landscape has upon us and therefore our art. I do a lot of work in the landscape itself. Which I believe is the only way to achieve a real response to the subject before me. It develops my observations and palette that I could not achieve in a studio situation. This knowledge both tangible(studies) and in my head is then used on larger pieces in the studio. These pieces  are approached on a different level with different aims, Because the larger pieces take longer to do and more sittings, different thought processes occur. Studio pieces start with something in mind and may end up in a completely different place. Going through many stages of completion. To achieve the same spontaneity is the aim but there is more  scope for a crossover of figuration and landscape. By nature they become more abstract.To achieve the feeling that the landscape gives to me. The silent presence of the bush. The timelessness and power of the escarpment. The life and the beauty of the beach. These are subjects worthy of attention and the  enjoyment and perception of a culture and the individual.